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The Builder Concept Home 2010: A Home for the New Economy, exemplifies a dramatic shift in how homes are designed, built, maintained, and lived in. Inexpensive to build, yet classically detailed, It is a model of adaptability, sustainability, and livability for the current housing economy and its future. And, it's entirely virtual. So what are you waiting for? Go on In!

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Selling True Value video

Selling True Value

with Boyce Thompson

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Livability Defined video

Livability Defined

with Marianne Cusato

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Concept to Reality

Builder Concept Home 2010: From Concept to Reality

Our Concept Home is being built in communities across North America. Click here to see how designer Marianne Cusato is modifying the plan to suit the market needs of builders, developers, and homebuyers.

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Concept Home Legacy


Since 1998, our Concept Homes have exposed housing industry professionals to progressive ideas and solutions about community planning, demographics, technology, building science, and lifestyle. See how we’ve been on the cutting edge for over 10 years!

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